2,000 sq. ft.

(2) Wall Cyc 30'W x 30'L x 20'+H 

Roll-up Door 14' w/ bolt-on Window

Access to STAGE A* & B*

WiFi / 3 ton HVAC

(4) Reserved Parking Spaces



      Chimera Light-bank  (Flash & Tungsten)

     Space Lights DMX Bi-color

     Over-head Truss


Backdrops (pre-hung)

     Digital Green Screen 

     "Black-out" On-camera Black Velvet Drapes

Grip & Lighting Packages.

* Additional Charges Apply


Stage B, our  medium stage is a 40x50 ft canvas ready for all types of production. Boasting a 30x30 ft. two wall white cove CYC 20 ft. high, Stage B is our most popular choice for product, fashion and editorial shoots.  Stage B is adjacent to STAGE A and shares a 20' folding wall with STAGE C.