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6,000 sq. ft.

STAGE B & C combined

Movable Dividing Wall

(4) Wall wrap-around Cyc

Access to STAGE A*

In-ground Automotive Carousel 16'

"Bank Mover" Overhead Bridge Crane

(2) Roll-up Door 14'

WiFi / (2) 3 ton HVAC

(10) Reserved Parking Spaces



     Flying Flat  16' x 30'      

     Chimera Light-bank  10' x 30'  (Flash & Tungsten)

     Space Lights DMX Bi-color

     Over-head Truss 


Backdrops (pre-hung)

     Digital Green Screen 

     "Black-out" On-camera Black Velvet Drapes

Grip & Lighting Packages

* Additional Charges Apply

The Whole Place

Our “Campus Package” and “Campus + Gear” packages offer exclusive use and control over all the studios and the entire campus. No one else is even allowed on the property. Perfect for CODE RED, any unannounced product or production where security is important.

Whole campus rentals include 12 hour days and our largest package discount.

Available with or without our Grip and Lighting Packages.

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