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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Each production is responsible for the safety of everyone during their rental of the Red Gum Studios facilities and equipment.  Red Gum Studios current safety guidelines will help ensure a safe and relaxing work environment.

We will only be allowing 1 production onsite per day.


Mandatory Masks.  Properly worn droplet catchers (face masks) must be worn at all times.  Must cover nose and mouth.


We will work with all productions to establish break area(s) where masks may be removed for meal breaks, snacks, etc.  Areas will be set up for you with a minimum of 6’ distance between chairs.  A sanitizer station will be available.


ALL TALENT should wear masks while not on camera.  We will help to establish a safe rest area (just off camera) for talent.  


On camera talent should stay 6+ feet away from the crew.  Please thoroughly clean any equipment within 10 feet of talent.

These measures are mandatory not just for physical safety, but also for everyone's mental well-being.  A mask shows that you care about others safety as they do yours.  

Thank You for helping ensure a successful production. 

                                                                 Don, Mary & Darin Dormeyer.

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