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You'll find Red Gum Studios uniqueness and versatility unmatched.  Whether your shooting vehicles spinning 360 degrees on our in-floor turntable, Food in our kitchen studio, green screen, products, fashion, or even underwater in our large pool, Red Gum specializes in specialties.  We offer individual stages, back-lot rentals, specialty grip and lighting, including pre-lit packages.


Private Campus.

Multiple Stages and Back Lots.

Automotive 360 In-floor Carousel.

Underwater Stage with Porthole.

Grip, Lighting and Specialty Gear.

Pre-lit, Pre-hung, Green Screen, Black-out, White-out Packages.

House with Full Kitchen, Video Feed.

Set Kitchen.

Daylight "Natural Light " Stage.

Private Parking.

Our Campus Package and Campus + Gear Packages offer our largest pricing discounts along with control over our entire campus.  


1,000 sq. ft.

Full Kitchen

Windows (natural light)

Stage A blends comfort and efficiency, making it ideal for smaller shoots or relaxing with your client. Drenched in natural light and equipped with a full kitchen, private restroom, quick change backdrops, and an overhead lighting grid are available , Stage A has it all.


2,000 sqft.

Roll-up door (Window Available)

Stage B, our  medium stage is a 40x50 ft canvas ready for all types of production. Boasting a 30x30 ft. two wall white cove CYC 20 ft. high, Stage B is our most popular choice for product, fashion and editorial shoots.  Stage B is adjacent to STAGE A and shares a 20' folding wall with STAGE C. 


3,000 sqft.

Roll-up door

In-ground Automotive Carousel 

Overhead Bridge Crane

Stage C, our largest single stage was designed for automotive and other large productions.  


5,000 sqft.

Combines STAGE B and C.

(2) Roll-up doors (Window Available)

In-ground Automotive Carousel 

Overhead Bridge Crane

When one stage is simply not enough. 



Shooting pit with porthole

Pool room

Pre-heated & Cleaned

The Wet Stage is a truly unique and versatile space, offering a myriad of possibilities. It features an infinity edge overflow, heated water, underwater camera portals with pit, underwater and infinity edge backdrops, and beach set. The fully private patio also provides a comfortable pool house, complete with wifi and AC.

ADD-ONs (require stage rental)


Full Kitchen

Green Room / Living Room

Private Restroom

LIVE short circuit video feed from the stages*

Our onsite getaway. Just a few steps from the studio is the “historic” home, complete with a full kitchen, comfortable living room, private restroom, cable television and wifi. This welcoming space also features an enclosed porch, flooded with natural lighting and ideal for hair and makeup, and a LIVE closed circuit video feed from the stages


2,000+ sqft.


Street access / drive way.

Pick-nick Tables / Canopy

Backlots: Outdoor areas for various uses. Exterior sets, set building, short term storage, additional parking, great for outdoor meals. Anytime you need some additional space.

BACK LOT EAST coming soon

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