Great News.

It's still ugly but after 2 weeks of work I have fixed the Swimming Pool and Jaquzzi and I’m gifting them to you all for sheltering-in-place.  Individual quarantine groups can schedule a private day of pool time at Red Gum Studios safe and secure location.


EVERYONE must have spit/snot guards (face masks) on upon arrival.  Anyone without will be turned away till they acquire masks.  


EVERYONE must have a mask on if you are with 6’ of me.  I’d like to say hello and chat at a safe distance.


ONLY come on your day.  DO NOT just show up.


This is not a pool party.  Please bring only the people you are quarantined with.


The rest of the campus is off limits.


Call (714) 458-7003 for assistance.  DO NOT try to turn the spa on or mess with the controls, piping, etc.  Call me.


1 Quarantine group per day.


Pool fence will be open and Wet Stage area will be clean.

Exterior Bathroom shall be cleaned by me (masked & gloved).  This Bathroom is yours for the day.  I recommend leaving the door open and fan on after every use.  Please clean it throughout your stay. 


DO NOT get dehydrated.  Limit pool / sun time and drink lots of water.  I do not want anyone to have respiratory issues now.


Pool and spa are balanced by our “pool guy” every Monday at 3pm.


If you’d like to bring your own cleaning supplies.  There is a spot of fake grass where items can be cleaned.  HOSE OFF all soap after use.  The sun and Chlorine will kill most everything but cleaning supplies float and disrupt the pool ph balance.


Do not pee in the pool.  It actually does screw up the ph balance.





Towels for swimming, loungers, chairs etc.

Pool Toys.


I have had a cough for 2 months and may now have a sinus infection (more HMO Meds ordered)I will NOT be joining anyone’s group but would like to chat at a safe distance.  If you have any worries, tell me and we shall adjust so that you may have a carefree day.


My two tenants use the east side parking lot and east side House Entrance.  This area is off limits.  They are not allowed in any other areas of the campus.


The pool has many rough spots and is on its last legs.  I am still working on cementing the overflow/backdrop and one piece of cooping.  These areas are marked, so please be careful around them and in the pool in general as no one wants to go to a hospital right now.

PS:  Making this up as I go, so feel free to call or send ideas and suggestions.

                                                                                                   Love,  Darin John Dormeyer